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20 Jul 2011

The Crazy Ones

The unreasonable ones....

I'm reading 3 books at the moment. A new earth, flow and the power of unreasonable people. I'm enjoying them all and would recommend them for anyone interested in raising their awareness, understanding what makes life flow/optimum experience and finally purposeful entrepreneurship - the game changers of the future.

I've interviewed 24 entrepreneurs now and more to come......some of the common characteristics of these guys and girls is the simple internal driver to have creative independence - they can't help themselves they have to create their organisations to make a difference.

Over the course of the next couple of months I will share insights and teasers for the future eBook - released in January 2012.

Some inspiration.....Here's to the Crazy Ones - I simply love what you bring to the world....

Hardly crazy ones but it makes me smile looking at me and my bros [ed - cheesy smiles all around]

If you haven't ever seen this awesome Apple film the crazy have to watch it and be inspired. What's that old famous motor racing driving quote 'if you think that you are in control, you are simply not going fast enough'

Loving the entrepreneurial spirit!



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