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22 Feb 2010

Its all about community....

I'm in Canada at the moment and taking the opportunity to sit down relax and take the opportunity to reconnect with myself and my books. I've brought 15 books for a 4 day trip and fully intend to connect with them all. I'm just reading Nick Williams book the work we were born to do, I RECOMMEND YOU READ THIS, there could I say it anymore simply!

I have the priveldge of co-leading this wonderfully social entrepreneurial organsiations and at this time we are literally preparing to go global and so found this wonderful quote in NW's book and wanted to share it!

“The goal of the community is to make sure that each member of the community is heard and is properly giving the gifts they have brought to this world. Without the community, the individual is left without a place where they can contribute. And so the community is the grounding place where people come to share their gifts and receive from others” Sobonfu. E. Some African teacher and author of the spirit of intimacy.

Love life, have fun and as Tom Peter's says 'create hell'