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30 Jun 2011

Richard Branson's Top Tips for Entrepreneurs - Virgin Media Pioneers

When Richard met Dave McQueen

My friend Dave McQueen of Magnificent Minds had the privileged this month of taking a small lucky group of young entrepreneurs off to meet their hero Richard Branson.

Below are the insights that he shared and his final round up of top tips, to see the full video please click here.


  • When building a business from scratch in the early years you have to fight for survival - 9/10 businesses collapse - so do EVERYTHING that you can to survive for the first 3 years

  • Some people build specialist small businesses - true entrepreneurs look to talk to a large audience, try new things and say YES to opportunities

  • As business leaders the MOST important lesson is to LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN and DRAW OUT from people their talents, creativity and ideas - sounds to me like Richard is recommending that leaders are COACHING LEADERS

  • Brand - get the right PRODUCT and REPUTATION - MOTIVATE people - make them feel PRIDE and BELIEVE in what you do - have FUN and do it with a SMILE on your face

  • Richards Top 3 Tips

  • If you are starting a business make sure that you are MAKING A DIFFERENCE to peoples lives and SHAPING an industry

  • Get the right PEOPLE, MOTIVATE them, PRAISE them don't CRITICISE, you want HAPPY staff

  • Marketing and Brand - get on the front pages of the newspapers, get yourself known, seen and recognised, then people will start buying your products


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