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20 Feb 2011

Making a Difference is about Love

Making a Difference isn’t about Money, it’s about Love

Making A Difference (M.A.D) is a choice, it’s about personal awareness and having a sense of responsibility to our fellow human beings and the earth we call home.

Life is extremely short, in the fullness of time our lives are little more than a particle or speck of dust. When we begin to see life in this way we have a choice to make about where we focus our time, commitment, resources and energy.

We may choose to focus on our own self-indulgence, the needs of our immediate family, local community, society more broadly or taking a more holistic and global approach to our view of our role in the world.

In many ways I believe that the challenge for us as humans is to become increasingly aware and see ourselves as global citizens of our precious world.

We have, in my humble opinion a responsibility to our world (earth) and to consider how we can proactively and positively nurture it, rather than seeing it simply as a vehicle that can endlessly provide resources for our consumptive behaviours, eventually it will struggle to feed a population rapidly moving to 10Billion (2050).

In the short term, yes we will be able to take what we want and yet to do so is at the cost of future generations. On many levels we have a responsibility to future generations, our children’s children! That responsibility surely must be to nurture, farm consciously and protect the earth, ensuring that we hand it over to future generations in as good a shape as we found it, if not better!

Human beings as a species never cease to amaze me, the creativity, adaptability and ability to be resourceful and to innovate from the sources that mother earth provides is simply amazing. So rather than waiting for fossil fuels to become extinct, water to run out, desserts to take over arable land and people becoming increasingly impoverished, let’s start championing individual and organisations that are who are finding ways to minimise our consumptive tendencies.

Let’s champion those communities who are finding new, innovative and sustainable ways to build new products and services.

These groups of individuals, consumers and organisations are starting to be more purposeful in their approach and in so doing are becoming part of the solution and less of the problem.

In the western and developed economies of the world, we and our children are often blessed with good education, resources, networks, technology and access to choice. With this choice as a consumer will increasingly be a responsibility to ensure that what we purchase products from sustainably minded organisations.

But more than this, I fundamentally believe that we have a responsibility to show love, kindness and support both to our fellow human beings, who are often struggling in less developed economies and also the planet earth we call home.

We need to personally, collectively and organisationally pledge to hand over the baton of the earth to future generations in a better, stronger and more sustainable way than we are today!


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